Posted on October 16, 2014

September 15, 2014 – Johannesburg, South Africa —Continuing its drive to unlock growth opportunities in the property sector across Sub-Saharan Africa, Land Equity Group has launched a comprehensive, independent advisory service, Africa Real Estate Advisors (AREA).

AREA was established in response to property investors’needs to benefit from Africa’s significant growth potential, within acceptable risk parameters – a difficult task considering Africa’s developing investment climate. AREA is the first advisory service of its kind, providing a holistic range of services to maximise property investment returns while recognising and implementing measures to mitigate the inherent risks of investing in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“There is tremendous investment potential in African real-estate for both investors and local communities,”said Gregg Davies, CEO of AREA. “The rapidly expanding and urbanising middle class in Sub-Saharan Africa necessitates high-quality property and infrastructure development to accommodate this influx and growth of disposable income and wealth distribution. Our team’s deep knowledge of local regulatory and fiscal frameworks as well as development risks enables us to provide practical commercial solutions to our clients. AREA’s past experience in providing successful structured solutions lies behind our ability to identify opportunities, facilitate efficient developments and maximise growth for investors and local communities.”

AREA started by advising a number of institutional clients regarding their investment strategies and structures and the establishment of property funds in various African regions. It currently has over US$ 100million of projects in various stages of development and a pipeline of US$ 750million.

With their roots established in financial services, investment banking, tax and real estate, Davies and the rest of the AREA management team offer clients a strategic combination of skills covering all aspects of real estate investing. They have hands-on experience across a range of diverse, profitable projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and are well-versed in the complexities of investing in the region.

“AREA is at the forefront of property development and investment opportunities in the African market but we also understand the potential pitfalls unique to this investment sector and this is where we are able to provide our clients with comfort in investing in these various jurisdictions,”continued Davies. “Our advisory services span the entire investment and development process, from identifying suitable opportunities to executing the deal, optimising asset management and if necessary, initiating and managing subsequent developments. We work with investors who, like us, want the local communities where we invest to profit from our involvement. In addition to profitable investment for our clients, we want to leave behind a legacy of sustainable community development, wherever we invest.”

AREA offers private and public property entities the complete spectrum of services needed to profitably invest in Sub-Saharan Africa, including:

  • Corporate real estate advisory service – Specialist financial, legal, tax and regulatory advice services, structuring of deals and implementation of advice provided.
  • Deal origination – Through an extensive network and experience of investing in Sub-Saharan Africa, AREA can source, evaluate, negotiate and facilitate deals to meet investors’objectives.
  • Development management – Strong local partnerships and in-depth knowledge of Sub-Saharan Africa enables AREA to source and explore a range of unique opportunities.
  • Fund and asset management – A systematic approach to real estate and infrastructure asset management, in the context of the risks specific to the property industry.
  • Raising capital – A wide and flexible range of funding options based on relationships with Africa’s leading banks, institutions and in-country sponsors.
  • Strategy and research – AREA helps investors transform a corporate strategy into a real estate investment strategy by providing context and insights about the opportunities and risks in the different markets covered.
  • Leasing and tenant strategy – AREA has a network of developers and African and international tenants across the commercial, retail and industrial industries. This enables us to establish a successful leasing strategy that optimises investors’return on investment.

“By combining Africa’s investment potential with AREA’s knowledge and experience in the various jurisdictions we will assist investors throughout the entire investment process creating unrivaled access to this exciting growth opportunity.” said Davies. “Whether the opportunity is in retail, commercial, residential or industrial property development, our clients will be the clear winners,”

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